Hiking highlights

in Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn

Hiking, Nordic walking or trail running on your summer vacation

Families love our “hiking adventure weeks” during their summer vacation in July and August. During this time, families can enjoy the hiking and excursion program in addition to all the “Lengauer Hof inclusive services”. Have fun!


Guided hiking tours

If you and your family are looking for endless hiking trails, flower-colored alpine meadows, green forests or clear mountain streams, then Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn is the right place for you. In summer, over 400 kilometers of well-signposted hiking trails await fit mountain enthusiasts, leisurely walkers, persistent long-distance hikers and motivated families. The local hiking guides know the mountains like the back of their hand and present three real hiking classics.


Saalachtaler Höhenweg

If you have a bit of stamina and love beautiful views, you shouldn't miss this classic hiking route. After a leisurely mountain ride on the Asitzbahn, around 15 kilometers of hiking trails await you on the western part of the Saalachtaler Höhenweg. After climbing the Großer Asitz, you continue hiking to the Schönleitenhütte and back up to the Wildenkarhütte. Then it goes alternately through forest and meadows down to Spielbergtörl. If you still have enough motivation and stamina, you can tackle the somewhat steep climb to the Sielberghorn. Afterwards everyone continues the hike down to the Spielbergalmen, where everyone has earned a snack on the Lindlalm and can enjoy it.

When the weather is nice, the peaks of the Leoganger Steinberge, the Steinerne Meer and the Hohe Tauern shine particularly impressively. With a bit of luck you can also see Austria's highest, the Großglockner, and Salzburg's highest, the Großvenediger.

The hiking guide Edi Hammerschmied has been leading guests on the most beautiful routes around Leogang for over 20 years. With it, hikes are not just hikes, but you also learn a lot of interesting facts about trees, mushrooms and the history of Leogang as you descend from the mountain. This guided hike is also suitable for families if the children are a little older and can manage the 4.5 hour walk.


Pinzgau walk

Don't let the term "walk" fool you, because it's quite something. This long-distance hike from Saalbach to Zell am See on one of the most beautiful high-altitude trails in the Eastern Alps should be on the to-do list of every passionate hiker. This hike requires a good level of fitness, but the tired legs are definitely worth it.

The hiking guide Hans Adelsberger goes on this classic hike with the guests once a week and knows that it is important to always have enough provisions and drinks with you in your backpack. The hike also starts very early, as the distance of almost 18 kilometers should not be underestimated.

Along the beautiful path you can look into the Hohe Tauern and let the Glockner group sink in. At the Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See there is the final highlight of the six-hour march: the view of Lake Zell and the Hundstein. Afterwards you take the gondola down into the valley to protect your knees.
The path near the ridge is at an altitude of between 1,900 and 2,000 meters and is therefore beautiful to walk even on hot summer days.




Running over hill and dale
Your terrain begins where the paved road ends. Every run is an adventure and behind every bend on the narrow path there are impressive views and untouched nature. The trail runners conquer the high-altitude hiking trails and find an almost inexhaustible training area with the seal of quality “extremely worth running”.

When trail running, the percentage of ascent in altitude is at least 5% of the total distance compared to running on the flat. Trail running routes do not run on asphalt and the proportion of gravel roads is reduced as much as possible. Anyone who has ever indulged in the fascination of trail running knows that the “runner’s high” is redefined in mountain running.

Trail running requires full concentration and ability to react. The runners have to be able to nimbly avoid the slippery roots and at the same time tap into their energy reserves for the next climb. Running on the mountain is certainly not monotonous, like a training session on endless asphalt roads, because constantly changing surfaces add momentum to your running style. This natural adventure on naturally grown ground not only demands strength and stability from your muscles, but also clears your head and your lungs fill with clear mountain air. This will certainly put a satisfied grin on everyone's face.

Beginner trails and marathon routes

The Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn region offers easy routes for beginners, where you can overcome the first few meters of altitude with little effort on the fast summer cable cars and then enjoy the panorama on moderate inclines up to the summit. But marathon distances for hard-core endurance runners can also be found on the interactive trail running map. If you want to protect your knees, you have the opportunity to comfortably complete the route back to the valley using the operating cable cars on many tours. The signature trail and highlight of the mountain running scene is certainly the JOKER Trail Run. Here you should keep your JOKER CARD to hand, because four summer cable cars can be used as a free ascent aid when running on four mountains.


Saalbacher Trailrun

Saalbach Hinterglemm sets a fixed point in the trail running event calendar: The Saalbach Trail Run will take place for the fifth time in August 2019. Also included again is the team marathon, in which the first runner completes 18 kilometers and 1,950 meters in altitude and the second runner completes 24 kilometers and 1,450 meters in altitude. The Trailmaster Marathon with over 42 kilometers and 3,400 meters of altitude puts the muscles of the endurance trail runners under strain. The half marathon is still tough at 24 kilometers and 2,100 meters in altitude. Beginners test themselves at the Schattberg King & Queen with over 6 kilometers and 1,077 meters of altitude.